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#9 Positive Practices: ​Top 5 Daily Habits for Happy Healthy Balanced Living


Top 5 Daily Habits for Happy Healthy Balanced Living


1.   Your day actually starts the night before! As you are going to sleep, smile and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. If there are specific things you are thankful for and they feel good to think about you can specify your thank yous. I usually just smile and allow a feeling of satisfaction and gratitude while repeating thank you. I also say, “I am well-being”.

 2.   In the morning, before getting out of bed...before opening your eyes say thank you again 3 times with a feeling of gratitude. This sets your day up on a very positive note. If there are specific things I know I will be involved in I say thank for having them go my way. I think of the people I will interact with and I say thank you that are easy to get along with, and I enjoy their company.

 3.   In the bathroom as I see my reflection for the first time, I smile a real smile and say good morning....

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