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Are you feeling like stress is controlling your life, leaving you with little joy or peace?


Have you ever come home and feel too tense to relax, constantly thinking about work and responsibilities.


Do you avoid asking for help because you feel you should be able to handle everything on your own?


Then it's time for you to Get the Stress Recovery Kit and understand why you can't seem to shake off the constant feeling of anxiety.


You'll learn why you can never seem to prioritize your own needs and why self-care feels impossible, all in less than an hour!

 How it works:

You will answer a short assessment about your current experiences to establish where you are now. 
Then go through the brief videos lessons and master worksheets.
At the end of the Stress Recovery Starter Kit you will know in less than an hour:
  • #1 stress management tool that is right for you right now.
  • Exactly why what you are doing now doesn‚Äôt work to reduce your unique stressors.
  • Personalized plan for managing and minimizing the two types of destructive stress.
Get the Stress Recovery Kit

Want to change the way you view stress so you never have to feel dissatisfied with life again?

Are you ready to take a closer look at deeper, more complex issues affecting your performance and satisfaction?

Once we manage your immediate stress, there are deeper, more complex issues affecting your performance and satisfaction.

These can include:
  • poor time management
  • lack of effective communication
  • unresolved inner conflicts
    and a need for personal development
Bolster Up Academy

Do You Have Any of These Destructive Beliefs?

If you’ve ever uttered or thought any of the below phrases, it could be a sign that your neurobiological structure isn’t letting you live up to your full potential.

You want real self-care and practical strategies to:

Prioritize what’s truly important to you both in and out of the workplace.


Structure your day and downtime to reflect your top five values, ensuring you lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Communicate your needs and wants effectively to enhance your relationships and professional environment.


Time management skills to manage your stress in real-time and optimize your productivity.



There is a huge gap between where you are now and where you want to be. You may be asking...

"What changes can my spouse and I  make at home to better support each other's careers and personal well-being?"
"What are the first steps I can take to improve my communication skills at work and at home?"
"How can I start setting firmer boundaries at work without feeling guilty?"
"How can I manage my workload more effectively to prevent burnout?"
"How do I balance my  professional and personal life successfully?"

In order to succeed you need to bridge the gap.


The great news is:

Creating healthy work life balance is not rocket science. You can absolutely create more self-care, and fulfillment even if you don’t think you have 2 minutes in your schedule.

All you need is some professional guidance to learn self-care skills that are meaningful to you.

What would be different in you life if you had more energy?

You knew how to generate more self-care opportunities?

Actually got consistent refreshing sleep?

And were confident in your choices?


Imagine sitting by your window with a cup of coffee, watching the world wake up, and feeling gratitude for the peaceful start to your day, free from the usual morning chaos.


You are actually excited to go to work today since you had a self-care day yesterday. Life feels so good now.


Introducing the BolsterUp Academy 

The BolsterUp Academy is a comprehensive online course made up of five systematic steps to keep you engaged, focused, and capable of real change:

   P   Perspective Audit

E   Establish Goals
  A   Action Planning
 C   Cultivate Habits
         E   Evaluate and Adjust

 *P.E.A.C.E . is not an abstract concept, but REAL structure that provides sustainable change resulting in peaceful filled days.

‚ÄúIn [Stephanie‚Äôs] successful integration of both science and heart, she shows you the impact small, simple, but powerful changes in your daily life can have on your experience. of your health, relationships, career, and life. ‚ÄĚ

Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul¬ģ series and The Success Principles‚ĄĘ



  • Focus on sustainable change, mindset, and behavior that yield your best outcomes.
  • Transform your life by translating science, psychology, and sociology.
  • Use evidence-based processes and tools to guide you
  • Self-direct you toward lasting and sustainable change.


You’ll start by assessing your current work-life situation and identifying key areas for improvement. Then, you’ll establish realistic goals that align with your desire for a balanced life.

As you progress, you’ll create actionable plans and develop habits that support your well-being and productivity.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to maintain this balance consistently, enhancing both your professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction, even if you're new to the concept of work-life management.

Through the whole process you stay focused to: Learn, Personalize, and Implement. 

 Here is a more detailed outline of the P.E.A.C.E program.

Perspective Audit

Description: Assess current work and life situations to understand where stress or imbalance originates. This includes evaluating how time and energy are spent, and identifying areas that cause the most stress or dissatisfaction.

Purpose: Establishing a clear understanding of the present situation helps identify key areas for improvement and sets the stage for meaningful changes.

 Establish Goals

Description: REAL SELF goals articulate personal and professional aspirations that align with your highest values. This step involves setting realistic, and meaningful goals for achieving a balanced life. This step is also about evaluating your readiness for change an often overlooked element from other coaches and coaching programs, but extremely important in the success cycle.

Purpose: Goals provide direction and motivation, ensuring that efforts to achieve balance are intentional and aligned with personal values.


Action Planning

Description: Develop a concrete plan with actionable steps to address imbalances and meet established goals. This includes setting boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and possibly delegating responsibilities.

Purpose: A specific action plan turns abstract goals into practical steps, creating a roadmap for you to follow towards achieving balance.


Cultivate Habits

Description: Focus on building habits that support a balanced lifestyle, such as regular self-care, effective time management, and proactive stress reduction techniques.

Purpose: Sustainable balance is supported by consistent habits that promote health and well-being, both at work and at home.


Evaluate and Adjust

Description: Regularly review progress towards goals and the effectiveness of the action plan. Make adjustments as needed based on feedback and changing circumstances.

Purpose: Continuous evaluation ensures the plan remains relevant and responsive to the your needs, fostering long-term balance and satisfaction.

By the end of the course you will have a clear schedule that includes regular self-care built into your daily life, a step by step communication style that is respectful of yourself and others and healthier work-life balance, enhanced productivity, reduced stress, and improved overall personal and professional satisfaction.

You will know...

Exactly how to discover and tend to your true needs… even if you’ve been focusing on helping other people your entire life

How you can create instant peace anytime, anywhere, no matter what’s happening.

How you can create health and happiness in your life… even when everything seems to be going wrong.

How one simple change in how you breathe can instantly improve your stress levels, mood, and sleep.

A practical way to improve your productivity that doesn’t require you to become a hermit or throw your phone away.

A simple and easy way to retrain that nagging voice in the back of your mind to be more positive, supportive, and empowering.

The most important thing to do when dealing with stress. Ignoring this can be the difference between suffering for years, or dealing with stress in a way that’s as natural as breathing.

How you can identify your natural talents and integrate them into everything you do to create a more fulfilling life.

The 4 ancient pillars of health, happiness, and success - backed by modern science!

A way to permanently get the confidence to be unapologetically YOU and the freedom to be your real self living authentically in all situations. 



“I have attempted many healing modalities, and this one-by far- works the fastest. Stephanie has quickly helped me to reach new heights with my personal goals. Stephanie was able to pinpoint the cause of my issues, and then noticeably and quickly clear away the resistance that was hindering me from accomplishing my hopes and dreams. Stephanie is the perfect option for anyone who has felt stuck with their life and wants to quickly and painlessly remedy that to move forward."

~ Vanessa

“Working with Stephanie has absolutely catapulted my life into the direction of my dreams! She’s helped me set goals, reach them and assisted me in discovering how to work toward a work/ life balance. Prior to working with Stephanie, I dreamt for years of changing my career but could never really achieve the success I was seeking. Just speaking over the phone with her weekly has changed all that! She’s really raised my self-esteem and self-confidence.”

~ J, Maryland

Through Stephanie's amazing insight, gentle patience, unending enthusiasm, and her sincerely nurturing manner, my son made more progress in their time together then all of his combined years in school. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how one remarkable woman changed my son's life for the better. Only Stephanie could do that, and as a mother, I will be forever grateful to her.

~ Tammy

“What a surprise our session was for me. I had no pain, only comfort all evening and the same for today. I am deeply appreciating my body's wisdom in responding to your guidance. "I am whole" and all is perfect.”

~ Kate

“Stephanie has an amazing gift to help others reach deep inside of themselves to achieve personal success”

~ Vicki

Learn, Personalize and Implement your
self- care in a simple systemic way.

Most coaches and coaching programs provide a one-size-fits-all advice that never seems to work.

Or they focus on jumping into unfounded action plans that tax your already vulnerable time and energy, AND leave you on your own to figure out the details or how the advise applies to you.

BolsterUp is a growing community with ongoing training and experiences aimed at helping you build a life that you actually enjoy.

We are not interested in giving you one or two helpful tips and sending you on your way. We want you to engage in a new way of being and become a yearly member of BolsterUp.

To achieve this, our program avoids any vague or mystical advice like "just stay positive." Instead, we provide clear systems, and steps for you to follow‚ÄĒjust do the work and stick to the plan!

Yes, I Want More PEACE

One Time Payment

  • Immediate Access to the Video Lessons
  • Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises
  • 12 month access to Monthly group coaching sessions ($2,400 value)
  • BONUS #1 3 Coaching Calls for Paying in Full ($3,000 value)
  • BONUS #2 Signed Copy of book, BolsterUp The Ultimate Guide to Being a Happy Healthy Human
  • BONUS #4 Full access to BolsterUp Fast Pass (You don't have to wait for weekly release of new modules).
  • *Special Bonus* get audio course On-The-Go!

Payment plan

  • Immediate Access to the Program First Module
  • Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises
  • 12-month access to Monthly group coaching sessions ($2,400 value)
  • Bonus 1 45 minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call (1,000 value)
  • 8 payments of $375

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you find that you don’t benefit from the course just send me an email within 30 days asking for a refund and I will refund all your money. No hard feelings. I personally guarantee that too!


How do I get access to material?

After purchase has been completed an email will be sent to you with detailed instructions and a link to course, FB group, and Group Coaching.

Do you offer one to one coaching?

Yes, we do, but it is cost prohibitive for many and that is why we put this video course get the best available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are able to go through at your own pace.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes! You can test out all the materials inside this masterclass for 30 days, start seeing results, and if for any reason you’re unhappy with it or want your money back, just send me an email and I’ll refund you every penny!

How to get in touch with you about questions or concerns?

You email the BolsterUP Team at [email protected]