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#8 Positive Practices: Why it is important to take consistent action?

STEP 3: Take Action – What You Do

Why it is important to take consistent action?

Today I am going to discuss with you how you take better, smarter action:

The first step is the planning! (Fun!)


General Planning Strategies

  • Create written plans (annual, quarterly, 30 day)

Implement your plans and review regularly. I like to create a yearly look back and looking forward plan on my birthday! I review the previously years written statements and reflect on how things went and if I those plans are still current in today’s life. I then create a plan for the upcoming year. Some people do this on the New Year as well. However, I like the significance of my birthday.

  • “Back-to-the-future” planning
  • Develop a “Master Action List”

Weekly Planning/Weekly Goals


  • Identify your goals for the week (Sunday night/Monday morning)
  • Schedule time for key items - put them on the calendar.
  • What do you need to get rid of to make more time?
  • What...
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