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#8 Positive Practices: Why it is important to take consistent action?

accountability consistent action goal setting planning Jan 05, 2016

STEP 3: Take Action – What You Do

Why it is important to take consistent action?

Today I am going to discuss with you how you take better, smarter action:

The first step is the planning! (Fun!)


General Planning Strategies

  • Create written plans (annual, quarterly, 30 day)

Implement your plans and review regularly. I like to create a yearly look back and looking forward plan on my birthday! I review the previously years written statements and reflect on how things went and if I those plans are still current in today’s life. I then create a plan for the upcoming year. Some people do this on the New Year as well. However, I like the significance of my birthday.

  • “Back-to-the-future” planning
  • Develop a “Master Action List”

Weekly Planning/Weekly Goals


  • Identify your goals for the week (Sunday night/Monday morning)
  • Schedule time for key items - put them on the calendar.
  • What do you need to get rid of to make more time?
  • What choices do you need to make?


“What planning strategy are you going to use to support you in achieving your goal? Write it down!”


Maintain Momentum with Structure & Accountability

• Work with a buddy, coach, mentor, family member, group, etc.

• Size and scope of your accountability/structure should be directly related to

the size of your goal and your commitment to it.



“What type of structure or accountability are you going to use to support you in achieving your goal? Write it down.”


A. Don’t give up!

i) Edison failed more than 1,000 times before he invented the light bulb.

ii) Michael Jordan didn’t make the cut on his high school basketball team.

iii) Einstein flunked math and was earning a living as a postal worker when he

published his “Theory of Relativity.”

B. Spend time re-connecting with WHY (re-do the “Pain/Pleasure exercise and connect with your compelling reasons).

C. “Fake It till You Make It” (also known as “Acting As If”)

D. Focus on taking manageable baby steps.

E. Take a break.


“What type of support system can you put into place to help you overcome obstacles? Write it down.”

Get and stay in action around the goal you set and making a positive change in the first Key Area of Life (BLOG #!)you chose to focus on. Once you make significant progress in the first area, choose a second remember. Just remember not to take on too much at once!”



“Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think about the Area of Life you are focusing on. Connect with the decision you made and feel your commitment. Think about the beliefs you currently have or want to develop that will support you in achieving what you want in this area. Think about the goal you set in this area. See yourself achieving this goal.”


Identify one concrete action you are going to take after this class to keep the momentum going and continue moving forward to achieve the vision you have for yourself in this key area. Write it down.


I thank you for being here and participating in this blog. A big part of my passion and purpose as a coach is working with people to create and live their best lives and I couldn’t do that without people like you. I also want to acknowledge you for investing the time and energy to participate in this blog. It really demonstrates that you are the type of person who is truly committed to your growth, development and success.”

It’s really been a pleasure leading you and putting this blog together and it would be an honor to connect with you.

Tell me one goal you have set for yourself! I look forward to reading your comments. Here’s to YOU and Your best year ever!

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