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Be Healthy and Happy

We are all health conscious especially that we are bombarded with a lot of pressure. Work, house chores, financial problems and others make us more susceptible to health issues. These pressures, unknowingly, decreases our body’s capability to fight off diseases. To avoid getting sick, we should be aware of the things that our body can and can’t do. We all know that without proper diet and nutrition, our body can’t function well enough to be healthy. How many times did we get sick and diagnosed with discouraging illnesses? How many times did our body fail us because we failed in taking care of it? There’s possibly a lot of times in the list. Being sick is very tedious. You can’t control your body, there are too many don’ts and do’s and too many things to take. It’s not you who’s going to be affected by it, it’s your whole family. While you spend your time worrying when can you go back to normal phase of your life, your...

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