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#responsivehealthstrategy #thehappyhealthyclub Jul 13, 2016

We are all health conscious especially that we are bombarded with a lot of pressure. Work, house chores, financial problems and others make us more susceptible to health issues. These pressures, unknowingly, decreases our body’s capability to fight off diseases. To avoid getting sick, we should be aware of the things that our body can and can’t do. We all know that without proper diet and nutrition, our body can’t function well enough to be healthy. How many times did we get sick and diagnosed with discouraging illnesses? How many times did our body fail us because we failed in taking care of it? There’s possibly a lot of times in the list. Being sick is very tedious. You can’t control your body, there are too many don’ts and do’s and too many things to take. It’s not you who’s going to be affected by it, it’s your whole family. While you spend your time worrying when can you go back to normal phase of your life, your family’s also thinking how to take care of you and what things to do to help you.

We all tried expensive medicines in order to heal and grow back to health. In this generation where almost everything is possible because of technology, there’s medicine to almost all of the illness/diseases named. There are too many people who rely on the pharmaceuticals drugs. They think it is just the answer to their problem. We, too, think that it is the only option right? But there are also people who relies on the natural way of healing. Natural healing is more achievable, less hassle and very beneficial to our body. Natural healing is the reason why I grew back to health after my diagnosis few years ago. My goal; is to inform people about the body’s natural way of healing itself and not just simply rely on manufactured products.

Indeed, our health should be our top priority; because if our body doesn’t function well, other aspect of our lives will fail. It is our body and everything in it that we use in everyday living. But still, it’s not just the physical aspect of ourselves that should be considered healthy too. We should also consider our emotional and mental aspect. Our mental, spiritual and emotional health will eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle and better outlook in life.

Being happy and healthy at the same time is achievable. All it takes is the right initiative to do it and the enjoyment while you are doing it. We shouldn’t just focus on the destination of our initiative but throughout the journey too. We learn a lot of things if we enjoy the things we do, so in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle you have to enjoy that lifestyle.

I created to inform everyone of the things I experienced regarding health issues. I believe that all the things I will be sharing will contribute greatly to your healthy lifestyle. My page promotes health and happiness and gives tips how to keep your body healthy. I do Webinars each month about various topics to help those who want to be informed about health and nutrition.

My book which is also accessible at will tell you about my natural healing experiences. I also included more tips in my book. The first 100 people to purchase will easily get 50% off the published price.

I also created a video course which can be accessed at The video will teach you the Four Pillars of Natural Healing and everything you need to know and do in order to regain your health.

The things I wanted to share to you are some of experiences and are proven very effective. Some of you may not really find it approving, but if you give yourself a chance to take the path of natural healing, then I assure you that you won’t regret it. I wanted to help people regain their health and be happy and healthy once again.


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