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3 Secrets to Happiness: Secret #3 Focusing on Positivity

The third secret that I wanna share with you may be the hardest. It may be the most difficult. However, if you’re doing number 1 smiling and if you start to focus more on complementing and contributing and condoning, this 3rd secret is not gonna be so daunting. What is the 3rd secret? It is actually focusing on the good aspects of every situation regardless of what you’re doing or what somebody else’s doing or what the circumstances are, it is focusing on the positive.

I’ll give you a little example. I was having a business meeting, one of my first businesses, and my son was about 1 year old. It was at this woman’s house, we were both young entrepreneurial moms and we were going over quite a bit of business. My son who was just a couple of feet away from both of us, we were at the kitchen table, went over to one of those huge drinking water jugs and started playing with the knob. Before we knew it, the floor was flooded, absolutely flooded. I remember...

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