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#3 Positive Practices to Love Being You

body business career family fitness friends fun health home money personal growth physical environment profession recreation romance significant other spirituality Dec 15, 2015

Determine what you REALLY want for yourself and your life this year.

“What will have you love being you and how you’re living your life?”

It is important to identify which area or areas of your life need your attention. For example, nobody needs to tell me to get to work. What stresses me out is not spending enough time having fun with my kids and with my significant other. I know this about myself and MUST schedule time in my week for fun and romance…they can be combined or not have anything to do with the other. For instance, for fun I might go to or sponsor a BUNKO night…my husband doesn't come with me :)

Right now I am scheduling in 15 minutes of family fun...lately it's been a game of charades! Yes, one of the kids sets a timer for 15 minutes. I think every time we have gone over :)

So which area of life do you need to FOCUS on?

The 8 Key Areas of Life

1. Health/Fitness/Body

2. Profession/Career/Business

3. Money

4. Friends/Family

5. Significant Other/Romance

6. Home/Physical Environment

7. Fun/Recreation

8. Personal Growth/Spirituality

Determine Current and Desired Satisfaction Level

“First, rate on a scale of 1-10 your current satisfaction level in each area.”

“One of the best and most effective ways to make a significant change in your life is by implementing what I call the “What, Why, How” strategy.

What do you really want?

Why do you want?

How are you going to get it?

WHAT do you really want?

a) Review the 8 Key Areas of Life and choose one area where you want to make a significant change. Choose an area that is critical for you to have balance.

b) Circle that Key Area.

c) Now write for one-minute write what your Key Area of Life might look

like at the end of the year if it was your best year ever and you achieved the satisfaction level you desire.

Key to Success: Important to focus on one area at a time. Do not try to change too much at once (too overwhelming, universe reward intent and focus, change in a key area will often improve, enhance other areas)

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