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#15 Positive Practices Stress Less Series III Stress and Relationships: How to Navigate the Tough Stuff

Stress and Relationships: How to Navigate the Tough Stuff


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         Have you ever been guilty of taking your stress out on someone like your kids or spouse? Has someone you live with been able to sense your stress before you get completely through the door at the end of the day?

          It’s quite natural for stress from one area of our life to seep into other areas. When you are feeling stress in other areas of your life and it is affecting your relationships, try doing a “pre-emptive strike.” Before your frustration starts to bubble over, have an honest talk with the people closest to you. Let them know that you’re facing a stressful period. Reassure them that it is not about them, but about another issue you’re facing. (Unless, of course, it is about them, but that’s a different message.)

The talk may go something like this:


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