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#10 Positive Practices to Stress Less Live More Series I

Define it, Deflate it, and discover calm!


Identifying Your Stressors: Be Specific

Would you be surprised to discover that stress has been named as an underlying factor in up to 90% of illnesses? Would you be surprised to find that most of the people around you feel stressed much of the time?

One of the best ways to manage stress in your life is to first become aware of exactly what it is that causes you stress, because if you can name the stressor, then you can take the necessary steps to minimize or eliminate it.

One technique for dealing with stress is called, “Name It, Tame It”.

When identifying what stresses, you, be as specific as possible. In other words, instead of writing down the word, “work”, write down what it was about work that causes you stress:

  • Miscommunication with coworkers, spouse, or kids
  • Feeling unequipped to tackle a new project or dishes in the sink, beds not made, sitting in traffic
  • Balancing work and the needs of your family
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