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Be Health Conscious

Admit it; there are points in our lives that we take our health for granted. We eat what we what and disregard the negative effects it might bring to our body. When our health’s fine, we do what we want to do because we are not sick yet. But I hope that we are now in the point of our lives where we are conscious human being.

Why should we be conscious of our health state? Why shouldn’t we take our health and lifestyle for granted? The main reason obviously, is to live longer and live happily. When you become conscious, you start eating nutritious food for your optimal health. You also exercise every morning even for few minutes.

If you are not yet in a state of being health conscious, how conscious are you of your diet? When you eat, do you think of the food’s contents? Do you also think of exercising every day? What aspects of your health are you concerned about? If you are not yet well aware of the things that might happen to you when you excessively do things or...

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