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3 Secrets to Happiness: Taking the Smile to Another Person

#secretstohappiness Aug 31, 2016

The next thing that I want you to do after you’ve gotten your smile on your face for the good part of the day is I want you to take your smile to somebody else. I encourage you to smile at a stranger and I say stranger because when you start flashing that gorgeous, attractive smile to your co-workers or neighbor they might get the wrong idea. So I suggest that you flash your beautiful smile that's on your face at a stranger. Don’t say anything. Just the next time you’re checking out at the grocery store just smile a beautiful smile. After you’ve bought your newspaper or bought your cup of coffee, just give them a beautiful smile. That’s it! Walk away you don’t have to say anything. But I say when you start smiling in the workplace or at home or any area of your life number 1 your mood’s going to improve so that’s beneficial. But the people around you, associating with you might think you’re up to something at first but they will also start benefitting from your smiling face. They will start smiling too; it will increase the mood and level of energy everywhere you go. It will most likely, studies have proven this too, if you are married or in a partnership it will improve your relationship with your significant other and your children.

Smiling parents produce happier children. I have a family that I love dearly but they’re not a smiling family and smiling comes pretty easily to me. I mean I have to practice it too when I notice that I’m resting or too tens and start smiling and I get those good feelings immediately and right away. But this family, they have plenty of children; they have 8 kids as a matter of fact, I had them all over for dinner. So I have my 3 children, the other couple, and their 8 children and we’re sitting around the dinner table. The whole family looks like this (stone face) and I happen to sit across from the husband, my friend’s husband. I am smiling and I am talking, my children are talking and we are being just who we are and he puts down his fork and he looked around the table. I have a little daughter at that time and she was in the high chair and she was happily doing her little thing and they have young kids too and they weren’t that happy. They weren’t being disrespectful, they were just sitting there but they didn’t have a happy smiling expressions on their face. So the husband says “Wow! Your kids are really happy!” The wife didn’t take that statement very well and I talked to her later about it and I said I think he was just noticing for the first time that we smile a lot. With everybody sitting around the table, it was very evident to pick up on that.

So smiling does affect so many areas of your life. It’s not that trivial, it is important. If you’re not smiling that much and you want to improve areas of your life, if you don’t then don’t worry about it. But if you want more happiness and you want more success, you’re gonna have to learn how to do that real deal smile. It may feel odd, fake at first but it’s a habit. Our face and the way we carry our face, the musculature and the frowning, that’s a habit. Most of us were born smiling, most babies smile at ease, except for my friend’s babies but they were around people that weren’t smiling very often. I don’t think that they notice it that much but when they were around happy smiling people, it became evident. Anyway, so if you want to increase the happiness and success of your life, get the smile; go with the musculature around in the mouth and the eyes. You have to get both of those areas working in order to produce the type of smiling and the effects that I’m talking about.

One of the things I’d like for you to do after you’ve smiled in the mirror and you’ve smiled to a stranger, is I’d like for you to tell me how that’s changing your life. So if you would go to the Facebook page, or twitter or just comment below the video, I would so much appreciate it. I want to hear your stories, I want to know how these very simple tool are helping you feel successful and happier. Again, we may have already been smiling but maybe not to this degree. So, put your smile on, let me see it and send me a picture. That would be awesome! Send me a picture of your smiling face!

Let’s connect. Let me know how it’s going and send me a picture.



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