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#13 Positive Practices for Happiness: SMILAGE - Getting Miles out of your smiles!

happiness positive practices smile Jan 11, 2016



Are all smiles created equal? No they are not!

According to research done by this French neurologist guy (G.B. Duchene) …we may use the unemotional, non-committing social smile. A slight turn up of the corners of our mouth producing a “smile” of sorts. BUT THAT WON’T DUE. You have to get your eyes involved.

The smile you are looking for (and others too) is the real deal smile. To smile like you mean it you have to get the muscles around the mouth and the eyes involved. That’s where the magic is. That is the transformational smile that many doctors, philosophers, psychiatrist, therapist, yoga teachers, and YOUR MOM are talking about when she said smile it will make you feel better!

SMILAGE: Getting Miles out of your smiles!

IF you are really interested in the nitty gritty of smiling feel free to read this PHYSOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF THE SMILE by Mark G. Frank Phd, and Paul Ekamn Phd.

The end result of all this research is smiling is the easiest, cheapest (it’s free) thing you can do to create a better life.

“If you see a friend without a smile; give him one of yours.”


Ok. Now it’s time to put this first tool, smiling, into practice.

1. I suggest you start with yourself. Yes, that’s right. Go the mirror and smile…makes sure you are smiling not just with your lips, but engaging your eyes as well. We are not interested in the social, fake, yeah “what’s up” turn of the lips. I want to see some teeth. Every time you see your reflection, you are going to produce a big, toothy, heartfelt smile.

2. You are going to smile, the real smile you have been practicing, with at least 3 different people. Strangers are best. Flash your best smile at the cashier, your boss, and definitely any and all family members. If you have a significant other or children, you will smile every time you look at them.

3. Clock yourself. Practice smiling at least an hour a day…yes you can do this alone, then increase your time and you will be smiling more and more.

Smile…our life depends on it-Stephanie McCannon

Let me see you smile. Send me your smile by responding below.

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