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The Things You Can Do to Combat Stress (A Stress Management Series)

Aug 17, 2016

I want to share with you the top 5 stress busting behaviors that I have that you can implement throughout the day to produce enough calm and stability to return to baseline.  So your body can actually recover from stressful events from the day to day living. Most of us can’t rewrite our whole day, we can’t dictate what the weather’s gonna do or we when we are gonna receive a phone call or if the kids gonna miss the bus, or heavy traffic…or his your boss, husband or coworker is having a bod day.

 All these events are happening that we have to deal with throughout our life. But there are things that we can put in place. There are positive practices that we can implement to help reduce the effects of stress on our bodies. It’s so important that we do these and do them consistently.  Develop these little habits of healthfulness to encourage your body to return to that calm centered state that it’s so wanting to get to throughout our day.

 I obviously made it, I didn’t die. I ended up actually having another child. Talk about stress! I’ll tell you about that some other time. Let’s just say I’m not immune to stress, I don’t have a stress-free life. What I do have are tools and techniques that allow my body to return to that calm state. And again, that’s what I’m gonna share with you throughout this series and on my websites.

So, no matter where you find yourself in life right now. If you’re rushing through your hectic day, my heart feels for you.  I definitely feel that, I understand that. If you found yourself in a disease state or with an illness, I can definitely help you in dealing with that as well. 

It is no fun to go through this wonderful life not feeling good. We’re meant to have fun and to enjoy our lives and for life to be satisfying.

Life is not supposed to be a grind and drain and just getting through the next day to the next moment. It’s supposed to feel good!  Yes, we’re gonna have  moments that feel sad or uneasy.. But for the majority of our day for your life, it should be fun!

 You should be feeling good you should have a decent level of happiness with your day to day living. That’s why I’m so passionate about implementing what I call positive practices throughout your day. To ensure that your day is full of happiness, and fun and satisfaction and all of these wonderful things that life has for us.

One of the first things I want to leave you with and encourage you to do before you start the next tip, is to start implementing my three questions. I ask these questions of myself and my family and whoever happens to be visiting for dinner. I ask these three questions because it help us to focus on the good things that are going right in our life. Often stress is related to all the things we are thinking about that aren’t going right. Our stress is related to all the demands that we have in our lives and the lack of resources that we perceive to meet those demands.

So I’m gonna leave you with these three questions.  I would like for you to actually ask them of your family as well and then respond down below with your answers. Let me know what your answers were.

So the first question is, what’s the nicest thing that you did for somebody today or this week. What’s the nicest thing that you did for somebody? And it can be simple. It doesn’t have to be: I build a house for my neighbor or I donated a million dollars. It can be simple as “I opened the door for strangers that have their arms full or I picked up a pencil for somebody at work”. Small little detail things. It doesn’t have to be big. So, number one what’s the nicest thing that you did for somebody?

The second question is what’s the nicest thing that somebody did for you? Maybe somebody held the door open for you, or a coworker fixed you a cup of coffee, or your boss told you what a great job you did on a project that wasn’t even yours. So, what’s the nicest thing that somebody did for you?

And the third, what’s the nicest thing that you did for yourself? So often we are so busy, particularly mothers. We’re so busy doing things for other people. Which is not necessarily bad or wrong. That’s my role, that’s what I do. I’m a home/hospital teacher; I’m a health and wellness coach.  My whole day is about giving to other people. So we need to stop every single day and take a moment and do something nice just for you. Not because somebody wants you to do it, not because you think it’s good for you necessarily, but something you want. Something that you enjoy, and it doesn’t have to be big. The nicest thing I usually do for myself is to take a bath. A bath is very relaxing for me, it’s very nice cooling off period for me. It’s one of the few times in my day that I am completely alone and really take a few moments and just fully relax.

So, the three questions: The, the nicest thing you did for somebody, the nicest thing that somebody did for you and the nicest thing you did for yourself. I want you to go ahead and just respond to those questions below and this is gonna be the longest video in this series, I promise. I’m gonna keep it short and sweet because I value your time. So I’ll see you tomorrow or with the next video with our first stress busting behavior

Thank you for joining me. You are doing something wonderful for yourself trying to figure out ways to implement and produce more calm in your life. So here’s to a calm today and calm tomorrow.

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