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The Diet That Could Be Right for You

Aug 11, 2016

In the third pillar of natural healing process, the first thing we have to figure out is; what is food? I don’t need to convince you that pre-packaged, highly preservatives laden items aren’t nourishing for your body. They’re really toxic. It’s the kind of food you shouldn’t be consuming.

These toxic substances isn’t recognized by your body and it doesn’t know what to do with it and it’s very hard on your liver. Your liver is very vital for nourishing your body. If you are constantly providing things that your body doesn’t recognize and can’t use, it’s very difficult for your liver. When your liver doesn’t function accordingly, it will affect your entire health system.

So, we need to be nice to our liver and provide real food. Before, I ate lots of organic and healthy foods. I followed different diets and recommendations and I realized it wasn’t beneficial for my body. So I had to figure out what was nourishing for me. I went into series of searching until I decided to go into an elimination diet.

I then I started to introduce into my system a one type of food at a time and I started with fruit. I discovered that some fruit handled my body very easily, some didn’t. The same thing could happen to you too, because not all of us have the same preferences. I had no idea that my body can accommodate bananas, I didn’t know that bananas are good for me.
So I put together that PDF I hope you downloaded to help you kick-start and start identifying which foods are nourishing for you and which aren’t. You don’t have to go every tiny food like I did, I’m going to give you a head start. But highly I encourage you to go into an elimination diet.
Eliminate all processed foods that are intoxicating your body. Now when I mean all processed foods, I mean ALL processed foods. That means no store bat dressing that means no chicken breast that has different stuff injected into it. You also shouldn’t buy vegetables in a can, you’ll going to buy vegetables in a vegetables stand or at a farmer’s market.

It’s really important to eliminate all preservatives, all unhealthy ingredients that your body doesn’t need. Eliminate all those for seven days, just give it a try. Some people encourage you to go in an elimination diet for 21 days or 30 days or 6 months. I’ve seen some programs that do it for years, but I couldn’t do that. Seven days was good for me and I’m suggesting that that might be good for you too. If you need to go thirty days to figure it out then take the time. You are worth it, you are worth figuring out your health and this is going to be a major impact on your healing and your happiness to get your nourishment down.
When I did the elimination diet, I ate an array of vegetables and then I started incorporating fruit then a little bit of chicken and rice. I know for my system that I my body doesn’t break out meat very well, I don’t have a lot of hydrofluoric acid to really break own a hunk of meat.

It’s very helpful to keep a log of what you’re eating and how your body’s reacting. So how do you that your body is benefitting from what you’re feeding it. If you eat something and you don’t feel good afterwards, if your energy isn’t restored and you feel lazy all the time then that food wasn’t the best food for you. Your body should be able to easily break down the foods you put in your system. You should feel vitalized, your energy should be restored, and you should be ready to go

If you are ready to know some of my secrets to healthy diet, follow me at and watch all of my video courses. Good day and happy learning!



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