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Pillar III: Nourishment

Jul 25, 2016

You already know about the first two pillars of natural body healing process which are thinking and breathing. What I will discuss to you in this blog is the third pillar, which is the nourishment.

Nourishment is important for proper development, it’s necessary for health and good condition. When you are a properly nourished person, you become more active and positive throughout the day. Proper nutrition is basically one of the factors that will make you a healthy person.

However, there are person who are not proper nourished. Improper nourishment or digestion can result from three major things: the first is eating too quickly, the second is eating the wrong kinds of food, and the third is eating too many types of food at the same time. This kind of behavior is not good, especially if you are a busy person. Eating unconsciously will make you a less healthy person and it affects your lifestyle.

To be able to suppress or stop that problem, I created a very unique system of nourishing your body to help you. We are not the same when it comes to diets though. We are all unique individuals, what works for me for nourishment won’t necessarily work for you. That’s why there are so many different diets that really work for one person that won’t work for another.

It is very important to your health and happiness for you to understand which foods are nourishing for you. You can’t just follow some advices you find in the internet or magazines without thinking about your body capacity. You also have to consider first what kind of diets work for you.

That’s why I created a PDF to help you kick-start this process. I’ve combined several different theories of foods and proper nourishment for bio-individuals. This is exactly what I did to implement healing in my body. I had to figure out which foods were good for me and they weren’t necessarily what everybody was pushing. I ate organic, healthy, natural food and I still got sick. So I needed to figure out which food my body could use for nourishment and which foods I needed to leave alone. This is the same thing that you can do too.

Now the good thing is, now that my body has been healed and healthy for over a decade now, I eat just about everything. You can get there but when you’re going through this process you really need to focus on the foods that are nourishing for you.

This is a very intricate process and your dedication to keep your body healthy would determine your success. Just think of the lifestyle you are in and decide whether you want that to change or not. If you want a better lifestyle and a more positive outlook in life, keep your focus on your goals.

If you want to know more about nourishment and the ways I can help you, watch my full video course at

You want to know the foods that’s best for you? Let’s figure that out.

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