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Pillar II: Breathing

Jul 21, 2016

The second pillar of natural body healing process is BREATHING. Proper breathing technique is very essential so that our blood circulation is good. When breathing properly too, we are able to let out the intoxicated air out of our body and let in fresher ones.
In this blog, I’m going to teach you how to breathe properly. Let’s learn how to take a proper breath. First, I’d like you for you to lay down with your knees bend and your hands by your side. Second, if you have a piece of paper or a piece of magazine get it before you lay down. Third, place the paper or the magazine in your belly. With your knees bend, hands by your side I want you to really concentrate on moving that paper. Think about your muscle down here, your diaphragm and pull your air in. if you pull the air in, the paper should rise. Then push the air out and let the paper fall.
Now I will tell you if you’re not used to properly breathing, this muscle needs to be built back up. So you’re going to start practicing breathing. I know that we’ve been really breathing since we were born, but this kind of breathing is different. It’s a kind of breathing that is beneficial and healthier.

But I can tell you that the more you practice these deep breaths the more your diaphragm gets used to being used and the easier for you to breath. In my past experiences, when I start doing this, I did not feel very good, it kind of hurt. You can get rid of the toxins in the air and let that all out. I want you to take three or four deep breaths, really concentrate on trying to find that diaphragm and move that paper. Again, if it’s uncomfortable it will ease as you start doing this a couple of times throughout the day or on a more literally consistent basis. Just do it as part of your routine or as part of your exercise.

After you get used to doing this laying down, to stand up and try to do the same thing. Obviously you’re not going to have a paper but you can use your hand. It’s going to be a little bit more difficult. You’re going to think about that diaphragm and this time you’re going to try to move your hand. Try to breath, in a very relaxing way.
Also, doing this exercise is not the time to be sucked in in your stomach so you look thinner. A lot of us walk around trying to look thin and what not but we’re really hiding off good circulation and proper breathing techniques by doing that. We shouldn’t stop our stomach to breathe properly.

I have a lot more video courses that will teach you how to breathe properly. Another blog is coming up about the techniques in breathing so I want you to keep up with this page Thanks a lot, and breathe healthier!


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