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My Natural Healing Journey

Jul 18, 2016

Thirteen years ago, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Just like everyone else who had been diagnosed with an illness, I went into a denial phase. I did not understand why it was happening to me. I was scared because it was the first time that something happened to my body and I did not know what to do with it. The doctors told me that I have an autoimmune disorder. It is a condition wherein my own body attacks itself. The cause of it remained unknown, and the doctors said that not even my diet is the reason of the disorder. There was really something going on in my body that I couldn’t understand.

That experience frustrated me. My family’s history of health related issues were alarming. For example, my grandfather had bowel cancer and my great grandmother died of colon cancer. I was afraid that I might be the next. You can say that in situations like that, fear is the most frequent reaction. Who wouldn’t fear losing their life right? I had two young children at that time and I can say that I was in the stage of my life that I enjoy being a mother.

The next move was to take up all of those pharmaceutical drugs and others. There was a time when I opened a grocery bag full of drugs, animas and horse pills. And I thought, do I really have to take all of those? Of course, our initial reactions would be to go for it because it is the only choice we have. I hated having no other choice but to take all those chemicals to get better.

Then I got pregnant. I had to stop all of my medications. The medications will affect my baby’s health and I know it will not do any good. That time, my journey on natural healing began. There was no other medication anymore but I still wanted to heal. I searched and searched everywhere just to find the things that I need in order to heal. I avoided harsh chemicals and others because it will just worsen my situation.

My journey started since that day I realized that my body is more than capable of healing itself. No matter what the doctors said, I know that my body wants to heal itself even though the diagnosis said my body was attacking itself.

My experiences in the field of natural healing are the things I wanted to share with you so that if you will encounter things like these in the near future, you’ll know what to do.

I found hope in the natural healing process and I know that you can too. I created to help people like me and their families find hope amidst the most challenging period of their lives. There are thousands of people like me who undergo the natural healing therapy and I know that you can too. Many people already survived through this. I want to share my experiences on this field so that you too will be inspired to become healthier. There is hope!



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