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How to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

Jul 21, 2016

It’s very important to set your body up in a very positive, relaxed and happy state before it goes into its healing cycle. Now, the healing cycle is when you’re sleeping. Your body voluntarily heals when you are in a very calm state. When you’re resting and is free off negative thoughts, your body easily targets off bad toxics surrounding itself.

When you’re about to lay your head on the pillow, that is not the time to be going through your day recounting all the things that you didn’t particularly care for. It is not the time to start focusing on hurt or sadness or not feeling good. You got to use your mind to help heal your body and maintain health. Stop overthinking and pressuring yourself from negativity.

So as you’re laying with your head on the pillow, I want you to start thinking of thoughts that make you feel good, things that are positive. They can be from a past experience, they can even be from when you were a child. It can be a future event that you are really looking forward to that makes you feel good. That idea is to create a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. You want your body to feel relaxed, happy and satisfied so you have to think of satisfying things. You know often times I’m thinking of really fun time that I have with a family member or a friend or something that I received that I really want. That makes me feel good and I go to sleep with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart, and you should too. My body then is relaxed, so will be yours.

That’s what I want you to start doing as you lay your head on the pillow or when you relax in your couch. Yes, you may really have to really try hard to think about some positive things in your life but I know that you can do it, I know that you can. The next thing that I want you to do is before you ever get up on the bed in the morning you got to repeat that process. Before your feet is going to hit the floor, you got to start focusing on feeling good, feeling great. Freshen up and believe that the day is going to be another great day.
If you have events that you know are coming up your day, I want you to visualize them going your way. For example, if that day you are going to have a meeting visualize that it’s going to successful. If you have phone calls that you have to make, visualize the other person picking up the phone and agreeing with everything that you have to say. Start to visualize your day, going your way. Before you get on the bed, make sure that you’ve gain that happy, peaceful and satisfied feeling. I want to start my day on the best foot, and to start my day with positive thinking.

You can do all these things too, with the help of my video courses available at You can live a happy and peaceful life by being more optimist!

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