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Four Pillars of Responsive Healing Strategy

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2016

So I was saying there are four pillars of happy healthy living and they are thinking, breathing, nourishing, resting and repeating the process again. Your whole life is centered around this four practices. You may not be very mindful of them, you may not be mindful of what you’re thinking and your thoughts are definitely producing your reality and they are definitely part of the life that you’re living, could they not be?

So thinking and your thoughts can be deliberate in helping you to achieve more happiness and definitely assess in healthy living if not healing if our thoughts can produce healing. And then we have our breathing, all of us are breathing when we’re alive, correct? I never could quite understand that when I was younger I took a lot of aerobics classes and the instructor would often say don’t forget your breathing and I would be thinking. Of course I’m breathing right I wouldn’t be around in this aerobics room. But what she really meant was make sure that I’m breathing deeply, that I’m breathing regularly. And I’m taking a deep enough breath, oxygenating my body. What we have found out I’m sure you’ve heard is most of us walk around and we’re just breathing with the top third of our lung, and if we place our hand right here on your chest and you just normally that you normally do walk around breathing, you would notice that it all appears at the top. All your breath is moving in and out at the top of your lungs, which is not the best way to breath. We need to be breathing from the lower part of the lungs. So in order to do that you have to be deliberate about the breath you’re taking until you get used to it. Babies automatically do this and I’m sure you can see them sleeping beautiful little babies and their bellies rise and fall. Somehow through the mixing and growing up we grew busy, the majority of us stop breathing that way and we stop breathing with just the top of the lungs is not beneficial to our health. It’s certainly not beneficial to your gastro intestinal system in digesting food which we’ll move into that next when we’ll talk about the nourishment.

Thinking is the first pillar, breathing is the second pillar and we have nourishment is the third pillar. Obviously, to nourish our bodies we have to eat food but not all food is nourishing I don’t have to describe that to you we’re going into a lot of detail. But when we are talking about nourishing in terms of happiness and healthy living, it’s not just nourishing our bodies with food. It’s nourishing relationships, it’s nourishing goals and our dreams. What happens if we don’t nourish something, if we don’t provide nourishment? Well, withers and dies, the exact same thing with anything of your life. If you stop nourishing your body, it will wither. We become full of disease and unhealthy and eventually you die. If you stop feeding your pet, you stop feeding phyton, your little lady cat it will die. You have to nourish it the same thing with hopes, dreams and body.

So we have thinking, breathing, nourishing and the fourth pillar which most of us don’t give enough thought is sleeping, it’s resting. Resting is vital for your health. It’s very important and it makes a huge difference to your feeling as far as your happiness. How many of you are exhausted and just don’t feel like responding very nicely to people if they’re asking you questions, we snap at them. You know when I’m tired, that’s the time I’m most likely to say something that I don’t really, to my children particularly, that I don’t necessarily want to convey. But I’m tired and I’m not operating at my best. So resting is vital to your happiness and your health.

And I like to say it T-B-N-R2 because our R is RR and it’s a repeat. So we have T for thinking, B for breathing, N for nourishment, R for rest and then repeat. Those four pillars of positive practices will do more for you than any other diet or exercise program, anything you do in life. Without those four, without enough positive practices, without those four pillars in your life you’re prone to sickness and unhappiness. I want you to love the life that you hate. There’s no reason to hate life right now, absolutely no reason. There is so much to be thankful for. This playground, this is the playground that we call earth and you were meant to enjoy it. You were meant to feel good, to express yourself and to explore. We can’t do that when we’re not thinking clearly, we’re not thinking about the things that we want. So in my program I go into a lot of detail about getting your thinking screwed away. No more stinking thinking.

You have to think about the things that you want and we have to start with that process, the rest of it is your breathing, your nourishment and your rest. All fall into place. Your head sits on top for a reason, isn’t that something? Your head is up here for a reason, first you have to have your thoughts your thoughts produce reality, whether positive or negative. Then the rest flows down and out throughout your life. I like to try to get people to start phrasing their thoughts and then their speech in a very positive way. So no more resistance. We have the tendency to be very negative of our speech and therefore in our thoughts. We like to say no and not a lot. So just go throughout the day, don’t judge yourself but just monitor how often you say no and not. Your brain’s not really picking up on them and this is really important for parents with their children. I’m trying to be mindful of this, I’m also a teacher. Instead of saying don’t, reframe that into a positive statement. Tell the person, tell yourself what do you want. So here’s an example, instead of saying “don’t run in the house!” say “do walk quietly” or “do walk slowly” or “do walk lightly”.

When we start thinking and speaking in those positive statements, the rest of it takes care of itself eventually. Your body reacts to your thoughts. If you just sit back for a moment and you start thinking very negative things, your body is going to respond. There’s going to be a cascade of hormones that kick in and start creating havoc everywhere, just try it. If you start thinking of a stressful situation, or a time of your life that you’re not feeling well or you were very sick and you were with a fight with somebody, and you start thinking those thoughts, your body responds.

Your breathing’s the first thing that’s going to respond. Your breathing starts picking up or getting shallow. your heart rate’s going to start picking up, your blood pressure goes up, all from your thinking. All from thoughts. You’re not even in that correct sit again, you’re not even in the room with that person you have a fight with. But just thinking about it, your body responds and that’s why I like to start with the thinking part. It’s so important to the rest of your health and your happiness to throw out the stinking thinking. Start thinking positively, start framing everything that you want in a positive way. You get better results from that as well, just from yourself and from everybody in life.

I just want to stop there today, I wanted to tie this up I’ve never done periscope before or live streaming. I don’t have the best internet connection here. So tomorrow or the next time in month I will do this regularly, I’d like to do it on Wednesday group you will. But the next time, we’ll talk about breathing and some breathing techniques to help you especially with your thoughts that are running away from you or from a situation where you just repeatedly thinking some negative things or you know you’re in a situation that you need to create more calm. So the next time we’ll talk about breathing.

Just don’t forget the four pillars. Thinking, breathing, nourishing and resting, then repeat. Thank you so much for joining me and if you don’t know me or you haven’t joined me I’m Stephanie McCannon like my Facebook page it’s StephanieMcCannonOnline. I’ll be posting a lot more things in the upcoming month.
So I’m turning my employments over, I’m dedicating myself to more time working at home and this because I love it! I love helping people create more happiness and health in their lives. I want you to feel good and I now that you can. You just need the right system, you need the right reminders, you need a little bit of time.



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