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First Pillar of Natural Body Healing Process: Thinking

Jul 21, 2016

There are four pillars in the natural healing process. The first one I’m going to share with you is your thinking. We have a head for many purposes, one of it is to majorly think. We have this beautiful brain of ours to help us to heal and to live in happiness, have success and fulfillment. You can use your thinking to either help you or to hurt you.

I’m going to show you some very simple techniques and procedures that you can start implementing today that will help you shift your focus from negative to a positive one. Particularly, if you’re not even aware of the negative things that are running around in your head on a daily basis you have to learn now how to control it.
The most successful and healthiest people, they have a particular thinking pattern. When they’re faced with obstacles or things that don’t go their way, they have an automatic focus on looking for solution. They don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the negative aspects of it and they certainly don’t spend a lot of time pointing fingers and blaming people. This is all part of us being human beings. We feel pressure and we blow up.
If you’re not aware of your thought patterns then how are you going to shift them or fix them or create healthier new ones? So I’m going to walk you through that whole process. Unhealthy thinking habits make you feel trapped and constricted, they make you feel like a mouse in a cage. Where healthy thinking habits make you feel free, that there’s solution to problems that you are facing or the obstacles that you’re facing.

So if you feel trapped and constricted then we know that there’s a need to shift you thinking. You always have a choice on what you’re thinking. If you don’t like some of the thoughts that are running through your head, pick a new one! I know that sounds simple and it takes some practice to start implementing.

You always have a choice on what you’re thinking. It is your brain and you have the right to control it. Health and happiness is yours for the taking. It’s yours for the thinking. Now, all those years ago when I was introduced to this information I thought that was impossible that I couldn’t quiet wrap my mind around it. When I started practicing some of these techniques that I’m going to share with you eventually, my body started to respond to my thinking. So let’s get in to the first tool that I’m going to share with you to shift your thinking from negative to positive.

To learn more about the first pillar of natural body healing process, visit and engage in a more positive outlook of your life.


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