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#5 Positive Practices for Your BestYearEverBlog3-Pleasure Questions

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Positive Feeling Exercise – The “Pleasure Questions”

You will be more inspired to take action when you link positive feelings to your goal and create a strong desire. Write down your answers to these questions:

“If you make this change in your life how will you feel about yourself?”

“What kind of momentum would be created in your life when you achieve what you desire in your Key Area of Life?” (reference blog #1)

“How would you feel if you were consistently moving forward towards living a life you really love?”

“How do you feel when you think about the answers you wrote to these questions?”

“I call these the Pleasure Questions.”

The key is to get strong enough reasons so you commit to your goals and start taking action right now. Not some day in the future.

1. Write out the vision you have for yourself when you achieve what you want in the Key Area of Life that you are focusing on.

2. Review the decision you made in class, modifying it if you desire. Share your decision with at least three people this week.

3. Review your answers to the Pain and Pleasure Questions. Really connect with what you want for yourself in that Key Area of Life and think about your answers. Add more detail. Really connect with the feelings your answers evoke.

Build your desire and commitment. Your goal is to feel inspired to take action!

4. Get into action. Take at least one baby step this week in the Key Area of Life you are focusing on.

If your focus is health and fitness, take the stairs instead of the elevator, order salad instead of fries.

If it’s money, forgo the morning Starbucks and make coffee at home. If you are focusing on your relationship, plan a “date night” with your significant other. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you do something. Take some type of action this week so you feel like you are moving your life in the direction you want it to go.

For the past three blogs in this series, YOUR BEST YEAR EVER

We looked at what constitutes a great year

- how we feel about ourselves and how we’re living our lives

- sense of purpose & accomplishment

- living our values

We looked at the 8 Key Areas of Life

- how satisfied we are

- identified changes we’d like to make

We went over the first two parts of The “What, Why, How” Success Strategy

WHAT you really want

  • Importance of taking a stand and making decision

WHY you want it

  • Getting committed

Pain/Pleasure Questions

Let me know what key area you’re working on! Can’t wait to hear your story.

Next we are going to focus on the third part of the “What, Why, How Success Strategy.” Specifically, we are going to discuss beliefs, goal setting and strategies for staying in action.

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