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#4 Positive Practices for your Best Year Ever Part 2

Dec 16, 2015

Key to Success: It's Important to focus on one area at a time. Do not try to change to much at once...too overwhelming The universe rewards intent and focus, change in one key area will often improve, enhance other areas.

Next, you are going to make a Decision. The decision is about your commitment to this area.

Distinction: Decision vs. Goal

Decision: Declaration, commitment, where you are standing, no turning back.

Example: I live a healthy life, where I exercise regularly, get enough sleep, put nourishing food into my body and maintain optimal weight so that I look fabulous, feel fantastic and have tons of energy!

Goal: Where you want to be

Example: I want to lose 20 lbs. by my 20 year high school reunion.

“Goals are useful, but the power is in the DECISION. Once you make a committed decision you can set goals along the way to support you in the decision. But the decision comes first. You aren’t going to make a big change if you aren’t fully committed. The decision is the first step.”

“You get what you DECIDE.”

Make a Powerful Decision Exercise

Think of the area you most want to focus on.

What conscious decision can you make about your commitment to making a positive change in this area?

WHY do you want it? Get committed.

Once you’ve made a decision, the next step is to get committed.

You’re only limitation is desire. How badly do you want to achieve the vision. Think of the area you most want to focus on.

“One way to get committed to your vision is what Tony Robbins calls the pain/pleasure principle. Simply put, you link incredible amounts of pain to abandoning focus and an incredible amount of pleasure to achieving it.”

I am going to ask you three questions. I want you to think about the main Area of Life you want to focus on as you write down the answers to these questions:

“Pain Questions”

What will you miss out on in your life if you don’t make the changes you want in the Area of Life you are focusing on?

What will it cost you if you are not moving your life in the direction of your long term vision?

How will it hinder you spiritually, emotionally, financially or physically if you don’t make a change in this area of your life?

What did you notice as you answered these questions?

I call them The Pain Questions because it forced you to take a serious look and the cost.

The objective of this exercise is to make the pain of not moving in the direction of your vision so great that you have no choice but to start taking immediate action.

Next Blog: Positive Feeling Exercise – The “Pleasure Questions”

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