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#12 Positive Practices for Happiness: Why We Should Be Smiling

happiness positive practices smiling Jan 11, 2016

Now we have tons of research, case studies, and own our lives can testify to the effects of smiling and the happiness that results.

Smiles = Happiness = Healthy Long Living


But why, What it is about a smile, that frown turned upside down is so compelling, so good?

• Instantly more attractive

Smiling makes everyone attractive… You don’t have a loose a pound, dye your hair, or alter anything else except your smile.

·         Releasing endorphins and serotonin

·         Lowers blood pressure

·         Increase your resistance to illness

Smiling people are instantly more attractive. You were born with this ability. Smiling is good for your health…lowers blood pressure, releases feel good endorphins, relaxes your body, and increases your resistance to illness.

Smiles are Amazing. And so are you.

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